Sunday, September 4, 2016

A walk in the country...

A walk in the country ... with our two puppies.  Yesterday afternoon I took a walk on the back road near our home, for the first time in about five months.  While I was caring for Debbie, my mom, and two teensy puppies, I ran out of time for such things.  These days it's possible to find the time, and with a little prodding from our breeder (who told us the puppies needed more exercise), I'm starting those daily walks back up.  I expect to be out again this morning.

The photos below are from yesterday's walk.  The rose hips are on the wild roses growing near our driveway entrance; their sunlit bright red is startling.  In the last photo, little Cabo has discovered the delights of a leaking irrigation riser.  If you look closely, you can see the jet of water spraying out from under the left side of the rubber stopper.  Cabo got her head soaked trying to figure that out, but she finally learned how to capture the stream by tilting her head so that it struck the roof of her mouth.  She got a good drink that way.  Mako never figured it out, and didn't seem at all excited by getting wet! :)

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