Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Paradise ponders...

Paradise ponders...  We had a long and interesting day today.  It started bright and early at the physical therapy clinic, where Debbie got a real workout for the first time since her recent surgery.  She did great!  Then we drove to Wellsville to meet up with my brother Scott, and we all drove down to Ogden together.  The transit through Sardine Canyon to Brigham City was particularly beautiful, with the snowy mountains and frosty trees.  In Ogden we dropped Debbie off at her hairdresser's, and Scott and I continued down to the south side of Salt Lake City.  There we raided Trader Joe's for a very odd assortment of food and treats (Scott eats some mighty weird stuff!), followed by a quick pillaging of one of the big State liquor stores - our beer and wine stocks needed replenishing.  Then it was back to Ogden to pick up Debbie (with her nicely refurbished hair), and back toward home.

We made a slight detour in Brigham City, though - a turn toward Perry for a meal at Maddox.  Scott had never been, and if you're going to live in Cache Valley, then you have to know Maddox.  He's now been introduced by means of a New York strip steak advertised as 16 ounces, but actually more like 20.  Delicious, of course (it's Maddox!).

Then we really did head home.  That wasn't quite so pleasant.  Miki had chewed and clawed his way out of his soft (cloth) crate, and was loose in the house.  The crate was destroyed.  Then our poor old dog Mo'i had pooped and peed all over our kitchen.  So our welcome home was a big cleanup job :(

Still, it was worth it.  We had a decadent meal, good company, and now we're all stocked up with a variety of goodies.  And tomorrow's another day in Paradise!