Monday, June 8, 2015

Paradise Progress...

Paradise Progress...  Debbie is doing just fine.  She's not happy about being black-and-blue, or in pain, or not being able to even hobble around – but she's showing signs of improvement (pain is subsiding, she's eating better, and the swelling is going down all over).  I'd post some photos of the black-and-blue, but I'm being threatened with all sorts of horrible punishments if I even think about that very hard.  Tomorrow she goes in for an MRI of her knee.  This is the same knee she broke over two years ago, and we want to make sure there's no cartilage or ligament damage.

Yesterday and today I made great progress repairing the damage to our back yard from all the hectic trenching we did last fall to get services (gas, water, electricity, network) to the shed.  I've been holding off until the ground dried out enough for me to run the tractor over the back lawn without leaving deep ruts.  I've been doing a lot of shovel work, using the forklift to replace concrete slabs back from where we'd removed them, and the loader to move small mountains of soil around to fill in trenches.  Today I finished everything I can immediately do with the tractor.  Tomorrow I'll start the finish leveling by hand, with shovel and rake.  I'm guessing I've got two or three days of work on that, and then I'll be planting grass seed.

Now that the back yard has dried out, and isn't a giant bowl of mud, we're letting the dogs run around back there.  They love it – an acre of nice green grass all to themselves!

I picked up my new glasses today.  I can see again – hurray!