Friday, June 3, 2016

Debbie's home!

Debbie's home!  There was lots of last minute scrambling, but around noon she was in her truck and I was driving her home.  Yay!  She got to greet the dogs, hold a couple of puppies, and get reacquainted with Jahar (her Savannah cat).  Major smiles :). From my perspective, it's just wonderful to have her home.

We're both a bit tired tonight for some reason :). But happy...

Debbie and mom update...

Debbie and mom update...  Got the word late yesterday that if we could buy/rent/borrow/beg/steal the right kind of wheelchair for Debbie, she could be discharged today (Friday)!  So ... I found a place that had what she needs, and it's now in her room.  We're not sure what time of day she'll be discharged, but it looks like it's going to be today.  Yippee!

Not much news on my mom.  She's comfortable, not in any pain, and a couple of things the doctors saw that they didn't like (sodium level and swelling in her legs) are slowly getting better.  I'm hoping to get with her doctor today (he's a busy guy, and hard to meet up with) to get a better idea of their plan of action and an estimate for the duration of her stay.

My sister Holly and her husband Warren packed a “pod” full of stuff for mom yesterday.  It's going to be picked up for shipment to Salt Lake City today.  Yesterday I received my mother's computer, also packed by Warren.  That was one studly packing job he did on that thing: built an inner box out of Masonite and packed that big old iMac screen inside it exactly the way it needs to be.  UPS did their level best to destroy the computer, but their efforts were puny compared to the manliness of that inner box.  After I unpacked it, I used the Masonite inner box and the packing material to build a small shrine to Warren.  It will stay in our living room for a few days, to pay the proper respects to the master of packing.  I suspect I'll need to do this again after I see the pod.  Holly warned me that it's packed very tightly and intricately, and must be disassembled with great care to avoid injury and explosions.  I can hardly wait to see this :)