Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Murtha and Haditha...

The despicable John Murtha (D) is ... categorized ... by Modern Conservative. Money quote:
Your lies greatly harmed these men, but it has not stopped the cause for which they fought, and for which their comrades fight and die.
Some assembly required.

Full Moon Blogging...

I woke up a little early this morning, about 2:30 AM, and wandered out to our livingroom to check my email. My eyes were still adapted to the darkness, but I was startled by the view out our front windows: the yard was lit up quite brightly, enough to see colors clearly (especially green, for some reason). An acacia that is about 75 feet from the house is in bloom, and the pink flowers against the dark green leaves could be seen easily.

This lighting is the combination of a beautiful full moon and a crystal-clear desert night. We've seen it many times before, but it still surprises and delights...

Now, just an hour and a half later, the moon is skimming the southern horizon. It's not really low in the sky, it's just that our southern horizon is formed by some hills, and so is quite high in the sky. Trees and shrubs are now shading almost the entire yard from the moonlight, but there's still one puddle of light on my livingroom floor, entering through a “chink” in the wall of leaves. One of our cats (Maka Lea) is playing with the spot of light, as it's moving a bit with the motion of the leaves. Cats have excellent night vision, so that spot probably looks even brighter to him than it does to me.

Another half hour and the moon will disappear from my view. But I'll be driving to work before sunrise, and I suspect I'll get a nice view of the moon setting over the Pacific. Something to look forward to on my early commute!