Monday, August 24, 2009


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Kitty Story...

Via my mom:
A teacher is explaining biology to her 4th grade students. "Human Beings are
the only animals that stutter," she said.

A little girl raises her hand. "I had a kitty-cat who stuttered."

The teacher, knowing how precious some of these stories could become, asked
the girl to describe the incident.

"Well," she began, "I was in the backyard with my kitty and the Rottweiler
that lives next door got a running start and before we knew it, he jumped over
the fence into our yard!"

"That must've been scary," said the teacher.

"It sure was," said the little girl. "My kitty raised his back, went Sssss,
Sssss, Sssss" and before he could say "Shit," the Rottweiler ate him!

The teacher wet her pants laughing.

WTF of the Day...

Jumpin' Jehosephat on a deep-fried carrot! Is this wrong or what?

The average salary of a civilian employed by the Federal government is more than double that of a worker in private industry.

That's just wrong, dag nab it!