Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A stunningly great support experience...

A stunningly great support experience...  Those are not words I write often! :)  I just got off the phone with a support agent (Debbie) at Health Equity.  They are a company that provides and manages HSA accounts, a confusing topic in the first place.  The health insurance that we started this year (Regence – Blue Cross/Blue Shield) uses Health Equity as a partner.

We're new to the whole thing as of January 1st, and I was trying to understand why I had a credit showing on one of my claims.  It looked to me as though the claim should have a zero balance, but the Health Equity website showed a small credit on it.  I first submitted a request (yesterday) via a web support page, but promptly got an email saying that I should call them, as they didn't want to put private details in an email (good security practice!).  They sent me a number that was allegedly 24x7 and invited me to call.

So at around 7 am this morning, cringing in anticipation of a difficult conversation, I picked up my phone and called.  After a short and easy automated routing, I was put in queue for a support agent.  Within 10 seconds, Debbie picked up the phone and we started talking.

That call may be the best single telephone support interaction I have ever had.

What sticks in my mind the most is Debbie's attitude: cheery, eager to help, funny, friendly, and personable as you could imagine.  She's located in Draper, Utah – just south of Salt Lake City – not northeastern Uzbekistan or Sri Lanka or whatever.  English is her first language.  She knows the area – she's even familiar with Paradise!  Bottom line from the call: neither she nor others there understand why there's a credit on that claim.  It looks to them, too, like the balance should show as zero.  They were open and upfront with that; no BS was dispensed. 

Kudos from this ancient manager to the folks at Health Equity that are making this happen.  Support like that doesn't happen by accident...

The next time I need to call them, I certainly won't be cringing in anticipation.

Hell, I might call them if all I need is cheering up!