Saturday, November 5, 2016

Salt-lick camera take...

Salt-lick camera take...  Here's what I got in the last few days: cats, lots of deer, a neighbor's beautiful daughter, and some old man walking dogs in the middle of the night. :)

Paradise ponders...

Paradise ponders...  I spent the best part of today installing a 50 amp circuit for the charger for our soon-to-arrive Tesla Model X.  Inside our garage there's now an industrial-looking metal box with a 220 VAC outlet in it, rated for 50 amps (at right).  The really important bit about this box is that it works! :)  I managed to get it all hooked up today.  To do it I had to run the fat (about 5/8" diameter) 6/3 + ground romex through one wall, up between studs and through a double 2x4 plate, across the laundry room ceiling through five joists, down through a triple 2x4 place, then between studs through the wall, through one stud, then back up into the breaker panel.  Whew!  I had to cut three sections out of wall board to do this, one of them 4"x90" long.  Wallboard dust covered every surface in our laundry room, and wood chips from the drilling were all over the floor.  My arms are tired as hell from wrestling that cable.  But ... it works!  Next week I'll call a wallboard repair guy to come fix what I messed up. You can see some of my destruction in the photos below.  The left photo shows the ceiling over the breaker box, with two of the joists I went through, and the plate I went down through.  The right photo shows the area under the breaker box; on the right you can see the fat cable coming down under a clamp, then left through a hole in the stud and then up into the breaker box.  This work took about 4 hours; the rest of the day was cleaning up. :)

While I was working on this circuit, our fencing crew showed up and got a lot done.  The top rail of our PVC post-and-rail fence now has a steel piece in it, all the way around the yard.  On Monday they're going to install a couple of gates, then start putting up the panels made of 1/4" wire.  Progress!

Unexpectedly, around 11 am, the drywall crew showed up.  On Saturday!  Shamefacedly these two very nice guys admitted that they'd just plain forgotten our little job on Friday.  They felt bad about that, and wanted to know if they could do it today.  Of course that was fine with us!  So they've now finished the second coat of plaster, and sanded it smooth.  They'll be here on Monday afternoon to do the texturing.  Then I can go to work on the final electrical work in the mud room and the sun room.  Woo hoo!