Friday, November 18, 2016

Stop buying fruit yogurt!

Stop buying fruit yogurt!  There's something better, I've discovered.  Buy plain yogurt (I'm partial to Chobani, which comes in nice big tubs), then mix a teaspoon or two of quality fruit preserves into a portion of yogurt.  It's way better than the fruit mixture that ships with the yogurt, and depending on the selection at your grocery store you may have a much wider variety of fruit to choose from.  For instance, I'm partway through a jar of excellent lingonberry preserves right now...

Paradise ponders, all trussed-up edition...

Paradise ponders, all trussed-up edition...  Our builders worked all day yesterday with a crew of four, and they got a lot done.  In the morning they demolished our old (far too short) roof, and in the afternoon they put up the trusses (pre-fab) for the new roof.  You can see various stages of this effort below.  By the time they knocked off for the day, all the trusses were up.  Today they're going to put the “skin” on the roof (OSB sheathing) and we'll be ready for the roofer.  That was fast!

The romex cables I mentioned yesterday were handled expeditiously by the construction guys.  For all but two trusses, they were able to stuff the cables behind the uprights against the house.  For those two outliers, they cut a slot in the uprights, fed the cables through, then put a “patch” over the slot they cut.

When the builders finish putting the sheathing up (today, I'm sure), then it's time for me to wire up the patio.  We're putting 13 lights out there, along with several outlets, on two independent circuits.  That's quite a bit of wiring!  Fortunately for me, a good friend (Jimmy B.) and his wife (Michelle) are arriving on Monday for a 10 day stay, and I'm planning to put him to work. :)