Monday, October 20, 2014

Laugh or cry?

Laugh or cry?  Crowd walks out on the light-bringer.

For six years now, Obama's administration has hopped from one disastrous piece of policy and execution to another.  I could fill an entire post with just a list of them.  The public's opinion has been slowly swinging against him for a while now, but suddenly it's swinging fast – and all, apparently, because of the latest screw-up with the Ebola response.  I'd have to count that amongst the least frightening or worrisome of his screw-ups, so I'm really surprised at the general public reaction.   The actual (as opposed to the hyped or theoretical) threat from Ebola to the U.S. is effectively zero when compared with, say, the certain consequences of ObamaCare.  Or, for that matter, the likely consequences of the administrations serial mishandling of events in the Middle East.  In other words, the general public seems to have a strange choice of what to get all twitterpated about...