Thursday, September 13, 2012

They Don't Know...

My dogs just don't know.  They don't know about the horrifying events in the Middle East.  They don't know about my work being crazy-busy (after returning from a week off).  They don't know about the November elections.  There's so much that they just don't know.

They do know that their morning walk with me is a joyful time, one that they anticipate with nearly as much joy as the act itself (they nearly lose their minds when they hear the sounds I make when getting ready in the morning).  The three field spaniels know that this morning it's humid (we had a small rainfall yesterday), and their noses are working even better than usual.  They snuff in all the smells of the morning, most especially the “pee-mail” left for them by other dogs and coyotes.  The border collie, as usual, knows about pine cones – which he relentlessly searches out and deposit in front of me so I can kick them, and he can chase them.

Joyous dogs.  Their joy is infectious, lifting my mood.  They do this every morning, without knowing.  They are great therapy.

The morning sky this morning was like lead crystal – black, black background with bright stars dotting it.  The Milky Way, crisp and textured, extends from the northeast horizon to the west.  Orion is high, Sirius low in the east.  Venus is also bright and low, north of Sirius, while Jupiter is overhead, close to the Pleiades.  A glorious morning for stargazing.

Sometimes I wish I didn't know some things...