Thursday, May 31, 2012


After a marathon day of travel from Newark, New Jersey (involving getting up at midnight to taxi to the airport, 6 hours in Newark airport, oversleeping pilots, broken airplanes, and missed standbys), I finally made it home to San Diego.  From that point on, things were just wonderful: a smiling Debbie picking me up from the airport, four ecstatic dogs bowling me over when I walked in the door, and innumerable cats saying “Yeah, I remember you.  I'll let you live.  For now...”  Then early this morning, the dog walk – under a spectacularly clear, moonless desert sky, the Milky Way a splash from north to south, directly overhead, in cool, crisp, dry desert air with all the wonderful aromas of the desert wafting about.  Beautiful.  Just beautiful.

And now, dang it, I'm on my way into work at the office.  What I'd really like to do right now is take about a month off :-)