Thursday, August 5, 2010

Google Kills Wave...

Google's Wave is an interesting product that I've been following (and using) for more than a year.  It's hard to describe it – it's kind of a blend of email, chat, and blog.  Several of its features I thought were just outstanding, most especially the ease with which you could share almost anything with people.

But the product had many rough edges, and was apparently not easy for many people to use.  The adoption rate was lower than they expected, and now Google has officially pulled the plug on it – no more development.  Some folks are trying to save it with a site asking for your thumbs-up vote (it had 900 when I checked in on it).  Interestingly, there's no thumbs-down button.

Here's Google CEO Eric Schmidt talking about the decision:

Update: Race and the Chocolate Cake...

Yesterday I wrote about Race eating nearly half a chocolate cake.  Several readers wrote with comments and questions:
  1. How is Race doing?  He's doing fine.  You'd never know that anything had happened.  He even likes his cottage cheese and rice diet.  But he wants more chocolate cake...

  2. How was the chocolate cake?  The chocolate cake, what little remains, is delicious.  The recipe came from the Walmart web site, which Debbie says is full of very good, easy-to-cook recipes.

  3. My dog ate (almost anything you can imagine)!  Several readers wrote with their own stories of strange things their dog ate.  Jo B., our now-retired former veterinarian, had a St. Bernard that absolutely loved to eat towels or other rags (also gloves).  Her dog often required surgery after such an event.  Franz M., a friend who lives in Munich, wrote to tell us about Paco, a much-loved and much-missed dog that he and his wife Ellen used to have.  Once Ellen made lasagna, and left it on the window sill to cool down.  Half an hour later, nearly the whole lasagna was gone – Paco had eaten it.  Though he felt bad, and belched all day long, he was ok in the end.
Thanks, all who wrote.

We would never dare leave a nice lasagna unguarded in our kitchen, especially if it had meat sauce or sausage in it.  With four dogs and five cats roaming the house, it would be sure to disappear quickly!