Sunday, December 4, 2016

Paradise ponders, swinging from the chandeliers edition...

Paradise ponders, swinging from the chandeliers edition...  It seems like I spent most of yesterday on the road – I made two separate trips to downtown Logan to get parts for the work I'm doing in the house.  In the morning I hung a five-lamp chandelier in our new mudroom.  It looks nice, and it should throw plenty of light in there (can't test it yet, because I can't energize the circuit until I mount the two outside lights).  Today I'm working on the threshold for the door between the mudroom and the old entranceway.  This is a complicated piece of wood (black walnut) that will not only act as the door's threshold, but will also adapt between the slightly out-of-alignment tile patterns and slightly different sub-floor heights.  I'm going to use three pieces of walnut glued in place (well, at least that's the plan).  Each piece will be separately planed and sawed to fit its respective niche, and hopefully all three can then be glued together in place.

Yesterday afternoon, feeling lazy, we went out to eat at a place we've only been to once before: El Salvador, aka Los Primos.  The first time we visited was last week, with our friends Jimmy and Michelle.  We had a great meal then, and loved the homey, family atmosphere.  Today it was fairly busy when we got there, and we were the only non-Hispanics there – definitely a good sign for the authenticity of the food!  Debbie ordered the carne asada plate (first photo), and I had a chicken gordita (second photo) and carnitas sope.  Both were great, but the gordita was my favorite – so I ordered a second gordita, this time carnitas.  We had Jarritos from bottles for our drinks.  We were there for just over an hour, and only saw one other non-Hispanic family: German tourists.  This place hasn't been discovered yet!  Great food, friendly and smiling waitresses, and happy people all around us.  Even with a generous (and well-earned) tip, we got out of there for under $25.  It's on the south side of Logan, too – closer than any of the other restaurants we haunt.  We'll be back here often, I'm sure!