Friday, January 14, 2011

Potential Cure for Tinnitus...

Tinnitus is a persistent ringing (or other noise) that one hears when there is no actual noise to be heard.  I've suffered from an irritating, but much less than debilitating, version of it for 10 years or so.  Some people's tinnitus is so bad that they can't work, read, watch TV, or enjoy much of life.

Now some scientists say they may have an actual cure, one that involves “rebooting the brain”.  Hmmm.  Are they telling us that our brains are equipped with Microsoft software?  I sure hope not, 'cause that's a mighty scary thought!

Hey! Peggy Noonan Agrees With Me!

Her lead:
The beginning of the president's speech wasn't good, and was marked by the sonorous banalities on which White House staffs in times of crisis always insist. "We join you in your grief," "We mourn with you for the fallen," "a quintessentially American scene ... shattered by a gunman's bullets." Modern presidents sometimes speak as if their words were crafted by producers for a TV newsmagazine like "Dateline." This is bad because television producers tend to think their audience is composed of people who require the plonkingly obvious to be repeatedly stated in the purplest prose. The trend should be stopped. Presidents are not anchormen of true-crime shows, or were not meant to be.

I begin grouchily to underscore the sincerity of the praise that follows. About a third of the way through, the speech took on real meaning and momentum, and by the end it was very good, maybe great. The speech had a proper height. It was large-spirited and dealt with big things. It was adroit and without rancor. The president didn't mourn, he inspirited.
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