Monday, October 30, 2017

Paradise ponders: sculpture progress edition...

Paradise ponders: sculpture progress edition...  I mentioned a few weeks ago that we had engaged a sculptress to make a bronze sculpture for our back yard.  I still can scarcely believe we did such a crazy thing!  This sculptress works out of her home in Colorado, and she's been sending us photos of her progress on it (we expect it to be done sometime next spring).  Here's what we've received to date:

It looks like she's being supervised by her dog, doesn't it?  :)

The finished sculpture should have the mom mountain lion and three cubs; the two that aren't there yet will be to the left in the last photo.  It's interesting to see how she puts together the armature with metal, and the (very!) rough shape with what looks like sheets of foam.  It's all very abstract until the clay starts to go on!