Monday, August 31, 2015

Morning in Paradise...

Morning in Paradise...  Miki, Race, and I took our usual walk this morning, though on a slightly different route.  The sun rose over the Wasatch Mountains when we were about a third of the way through our walk, lighting up the fields most beautifully.

Nothing exciting on the walk today – no crazy voles, no skunks, no stooping hawks. But it sure was beautiful!

Shortly after we got back from our walk, it was time to take Debbie in for her first day of hydro-therapy.  That's her, in the therapy pool, walking on an underwater treadmill.  The monitors in front of her are showing her various views of her legs and feet, taken in realtime by underwater video cameras in the pool.  The therapist put her through a series of exercises with her about 65% immersed, so just over half her body weight was buoyed up by the water, and under half was actually on the treadmill.  Debbie pronounced the experience “cool” and we're going back for more on Thursday.

While on the way back from that, we got a text from our neighbor Alan L.  His wife Nikki gave birth to their latest child, Rockwell (at right); both mom and baby are in great shape.  Alan is already bragging about the muscles on display :)

We're going to head out to the left fork of Blacksmith River this evening to look for some more wildlife...