Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Progress report...

Progress report...  Just a quick one because I'm tired - more details tomorrow.  We made it, and all the animals are fine.  The cats calmed down fairly quickly and Debbie had a reasonably comfortable ride.  The dogs did what we expected: they slept through the whole thing.  The most interesting event with them was some synchronized snoring in two-part harmony from Mo'i and Miki.  We got a very late start, as nearly everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.  Instead of leaving at 3 am as planned, it was 6:30 am – perfect timing to hit both San Diego and Los Angeles traffic, which we expected to be bad because it was raining.  Miraculously the traffic wasn't bad at all, especially along the I-215 (where it can be really awful).  We made it up here in fourteen and a half hours – the second fastest trip we've ever made. 

We arrived just after 10 pm MST, and we spent the last two hours setting up the animals.  Seven of our cats are ensconced in their new cattery, and are busy exploring it with big round eyes and crouching postures.  Everything is scary :)  The dogs are penned and crated.  The last cat – Jahaur – is busy yowling as he explores our bedroom, but he's starting to settle down.

We're here.  We've moved.  We're no longer Jamulians – we're Paradisians!