Friday, May 14, 2010

Potential Irony Alert...

Imagine a few years in the future, our country is back on its liberty-loving, capitalist tracks.  Further imagine that we look back then and see that the primary force behind that development was a single politician whose success galvanized the entire polity.  Then imagine that Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey was that politician.

It's at least plausible.

We'd have to invent a whole new word to express irony that profound.

But it seems more likely to me that the Tea Party movement will provide the impetus.

Of course, Christie and the Tea Party are naturals for some sort of political merger...

Our Farcical Confirmation Hearings...

Peggy Noonan weighs in on Senate confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Justices, and how they've degenerated into a podium for degenerate Senators to bloviate from.

Every time I catch a clip of a Senator holding forth in confirmation hearings, this little ditty starts playing in my head:
Some assembly required.

Public Service Ad (from the U.K.)...

Via my cousin Mike D.