Saturday, January 13, 2018

I broke my Model X!

I broke my Model X!  On Thursday afternoon we stopped to pick up some salt for our water softener.  That salt comes in 40 pound bags, and I bought eight of them.  When I loaded the third bag into the back of my Tesla Model X, there was a loud crack! and the bags on passenger side of the car suddenly dropped about 8".  With a little investigation I discovered what happened.  I was piling the bags on top of a false floor that covers a hidden cargo area.  That false floor is held up by two plastic brackets, like little shelf brackets – one on each side of the hidden cargo area.  The one on the passenger side had snapped clean off.

Oh, noes!  My Tesla is broken!  Sob!

By inspection, it appeared that the broken part was a plastic bit that just snaps into the Telsa's frame.  I took photos of it, and emailed it to our local (Salt Lake City) maintenance shop.  That was on Friday morning.  A few hours and a brief email conversation later, I had a Tesla technician scheduled to come by our house to replace the broken part.  That technician will be here on Sunday (tomorrow!) around noon.  I'm surprised they'd travel all the way out here to fix such a small problem, but I'm certainly happy about that.  I'm even happier about the fast response!

Now I just wish that bracket was stronger.  If a few bags of salt are enough to snap a bracket in the freakin' cargo area, that seems like a design issue to me...