Saturday, August 26, 2017

Paradise ponders: friends, bugs, and a community get-together edition...

Paradise ponders: friends, bugs, and a community get-together edition...  Yesterday and part of today our friend Aleck L. dropped in for a short visit.  We met him at Red Iguana, which he'd never been too before.  He seemed to rather like his appetizer (the nachos in the foreground), the mole sampler (the smaller dish near him), and his entree (not shown).  We did some wildlife spotting with him yesterday evening, and this morning had a fun conversation just sitting in our kitchen.  Yesterday afternoon I got to show him my pump house project and then we walked over to visit for a bit with two of our neighbors (Tim D. and Heath C.).  He also got to see and pet a mule (Heath's Gunner) for the first time.

When we went to the post office yesterday, Aleck with us, Debbie spotted the beautiful praying mantis at left.  When I tried to get a slightly closer photo, it looked mad and scooted away :).

Before we met Aleck yesterday, and after he left today, I've been working on a really big milestone for me: installing the irrigation supervisory computer in the pump house.  I've so far completed 4 of the 7 wiring steps required, along with 2 of the 4 plumbing steps.  I'm so close!  Unless something goes horribly wrong, I should have the installation completed later this afternoon.  Then I have some calibration and checkout to do, and then – I can turn it on.  Woo hoo!

This evening we're headed to the Paradise Trout & Berry Days dinner.  We're meeting our friends Bruce and June N. there, along with my brother Scott and a friend of his from Newton.  We expect to see lots of local folks we already know, and most likely even more we'd never met before.  Of course we're starving ourselves in anticipation of a delicious meal!