Monday, May 17, 2010

The Mr. Potato Head Bill...

Brought to you by John (even the French don't want him) Kerry and Joe (even the Democrats don't want him) Lieberman.  The WSJ is on the case.

Let It Burn?

Interesting piece at American Thinker, by someone who thinks the only road to salvation for America is to let it fail.

Snap reaction: I sure hope he's wrong...but I fear he's right...

Big, Bad Bear!

Reader Simi L. sent a photo of the big bruiser of a bear at right.  He lives well north of Los Angeles, in the region we Southern Californians think of as being roughly the same place as Alaska – “Up there somewhere...”  Simi says:
Attached is a picture of the largest bear I've seen here which I took out of my window last night (hence the reflection of the glass – sorry about that). The white bucket is about 12" tall. Fortunately when I yelled at him he turned out to be a fraid-ie bear and ran off briskly. Based on his size, I don't know why he was so insecure, maybe he was abused as a cub. As most of you know, we see bears here all the time but I've never seen a guy this size.
We've had a few bear sightings in San Diego County over the past decade, but none quite as far south as where we live...