Monday, January 23, 2017

Paradise ponders, lots of wet, sloppy snow edition...

Paradise ponders, lots of wet, sloppy snow edition...  I didn't post earlier this morning because I was out doing snow removal at first light.  Overnight we got 12" to 14" of snow, and the temperature at 7 am was already 32°F (0°C) and going up.  That meant that if I didn't get that snow off our driveway, it would partially melt.  That sort of partially melted snow is particularly difficult to remove.  The snow piles around our driveway were still fairly large, as we haven't had much melt over the past week.  That meant I had no good place to put all this snow I removed, so I had to sacrifice about 400 sq. ft. (about 40 sq. meters) of driveway as a snow pile.  I just finished the snow blowing and snow plowing a few minutes ago.  This afternoon I'll tackle the snow shoveling.  Sheesh!

The forecast has more snow for today and the next two days after that.  Temperatures are forecast to go below freezing and stay there for a week, with several nights having lows in the single digits (-10° to -15°C).  We leave for Hawai'i in about three weeks – I think I'm going to be ready for that!