Sunday, October 2, 2011

Just In Case...

Just in case you happen to be one of the eight people on the planet who hasn't already seen this – here's a video of a girl hearing her first sounds after a lifetime of deafness:

The video shows her reaction to the activation of her newly implanted hearing aid.


Sometimes (fairly often, actually) when I look at something presented to me as “art”, I fail to find anything entertaining, attractive, intriguing, or interesting about it – no matter how hard I try.  The vast majority of these examples of (to me) incomprehensible art were created in the last 100 years or so.  Here's one of them – a dance clip from Sadler's Wells, a famous London dance house:

Now I'm a huge fan of nearly-naked women, and this performance (if that's the right term) includes some nice examples of that genre. But nearly-naked women with sticks strapped to their heads? And what's with the guys in their underwear on variously bizarre modes of transport? Above all, why would anyone believe this would be art?

Things like this make me feel like I'm missing a gene or two that a lot of other people have.  They see art, I see evidence of civilization headed down the drain...