Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Internet Really Does Change Everything!

There's a new 411 (phone directory) service available.  It's free.  You use it over the telephone.  It works anywhere.  It's fast.

From Google.

Now This Sounds Useful!

Berries good!

Hopeful Signs in Iran?

Interesting piece by Michael Ledeen in today's WSJ.  I sure hope he's right...

A Sad Job...

Late yesterday afternoon, Debbie and I helped Paula C., a friend and neighbor, bury a dog that she had bred.  The dog had been a champion Rottweiler, winning many awards over its too-short life.  Yesterday he had some sort of seizure, vomited, aspirated some of the vomit, and died of asphyxiation.  He was just short of nine years old.

In the summertime, our local soils are extremely hard – on the order of low-grade concrete.  Digging a burial hole in this stuff is no trivial matter; with hand tools it would have been a very large job.  Even for my little Kubota tractor with a backhoe it was a bit of a challenge.  But we finally got it done, and a very sad Paula was comforted a bit to know that her beloved dog would be resting nearby...