Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 3: Settling In...

We're blogging on an awesomely slow Internet connection, so for now, no photos.

We drove from Moab to Silverton today, via Norwood, Ridgway, a detour to Montrose for grocery shopping, and then down to Silverton. The drive was very pretty, through beautiful ranch land in river valleys for much of the way. We saw bazillions of prairie dog villages with lots of fat little prairie dogs.  The streams are lower than we expected, and the snow on the San Juan Mountains is nearly gone.

As planned, we met up with the owner of the cabin we're renting in Silverton, and she showed us how to get up to the cabin.  It was over a quite rugged 4-wheel drive only road, rough enough and steep enough to require the low gear range.  The cabin is everything we were hoping for – beautifully built and situated, way out in the middle of the forest.  Debbie and I spent much of the evening pinching ourselves to make sure we were awake – and that we were really here.

We are :)