Friday, August 21, 2015

Progress in Paradise...

Progress in Paradise...  Today was Debbie's third physical therapy session, and it's clear she's made big progress.  She used crutches for the first time today, and even walked a bit on a single crutch.  The therapist thinks she's only got two real issues at the moment, both of them perfectly normal for her situation.  The first is that the bones in her joint are still reporting pain when she puts weight on her injured knee.  He says those nerves need to be retrained to understand that putting weight on them is ok.  The second issue is that her quad muscle needs to be built back up; the weeks on “no weight bearing” caused it to atrophy quite a bit.  That's just exercise, and the exercise bicycle and practicing walking are the main routes to success there.

I'm headed up to the hospital in Logan tonight for a sleep study.  My doctor thinks I likely have sleep apnea, but they're going to do some tests tonight to prove that.  Somehow I'm supposed to sleep with electrodes on my head and my chest, a sensor mask over my mouth and nose, and sensors strapped to two fingers.  That ought to be interesting!