Saturday, October 3, 2009

Little Israel Is Still Leading the Way...

As Uri Dromi points out:
A uranium enrichment facility nobody knew of suddenly emerges in the sacred city of Qom, Iran launches missiles that can threaten not only U.S. targets in the Persian gulf, but also Israel and southern Europe, and now the world panics.

Surprised? Not if you're an Israeli. For years we have been sounding the alarm, only to be told to stop crying wolf. Now we are asked to lie low and let the responsible leaders of the world take care of the situation.
It must be tremendously frustrating for many Israelis to watch obvious world-threatening problems develop – while most of the world ignores them.  Repeatedly the Israelis have acted when other nations would not or could not, to the benefit of us all.  The most recent example is their discovery and destruction of a nuclear facility in Syria.

My cynical bet is that the world will do nothing effective to stop Iran before Israel feels the need to take unilateral action.  Past experience suggests that when they do, the action will be effective – and they'll be publicly denounced by the entire world, while private nearly all countries will breath a huge sigh of relief.

We're lucky the Israelis are here to do the dirty work for those – like us – don't have the balls to do it themselves...

On Roman Polanski...

Me, I'm just tickled pink that the shithead is on his way back here to face the court.  It's a foregone conclusion that his punishment will be light, unless a miracle happens and the court decides to punish him for skipping the country.  I'm not holding my breath.

Meanwhile, the disgusting spectacle of the Hollywood “elite” (and I put that term in scare quotes, because, well, in that context it is scary) defending Polanski goes on and on, endlessly.  Mark Steyn notes (in the middle of a typically excellent column):
One sympathizes. Except that there are millions of children of the Holocaust struggling under the burdens of the past – and only one who deals with them as Roman Polanski does. Working on the film "Chinatown," the writer Robert Towne found it hard to concentrate at the director's pad, what with "the teenyboppers that Roman would run out and take Polaroid pictures of diving off the f***ing diving board without tops on. Which was distracting. With braces."

Braces. Cute.
Which leads directly to this:

Amoral Hollywood scum.
Some assembly required.

Isn't it amazing how many problems we can solve with a few feet of rope and a convenient tree?

Obama Administration FAIL...

At right is the chart originally published by the Obama administration earlier this year, with a red line added to show the actual unemployment rate.

They used this chart to sell the “stimulus package”, saying that without it unemployment would rise to about 9%, and with it unemployment would drop to below 7.5%.

Well here we are at 9.8% (as of September) and still climbing.

I don't think that even the Obama administration believed this chart.  Anybody with even the slightest understanding of economics and experience with government knew that there was no way in hell the stimulus package could have an effect that fast.

Even so, the sorry bastards used this chart to sell our descendants into debt.

Stimulus-supporting politician.
Some assembly required.