Monday, February 22, 2010


I'd never heard of Preikstolen until my mom sent me an email with some photos of it (see at right, click to enlarge).  It's in Norway, and I'd love to visit this place.  I'd be sitting on the edge dangling my feet, and my wife would be right behind me yelling and screaming at me to move back!

Sucking at the Hind Tit of a Dead Cow...

Via my mom:


Faces in the Sky...

I want some of these, too!

On a Roll...

Another Talibaner captured.  More, please.

Israel Versus Iran: Yes!

Iran (repeatedly) threatens to blow Israel off the map.

Iran is not-so-covertly developing nuclear weapons, and is close to achieving that goal.

Israel has nukes, and delivery capability, but surely wouldn't want to use them except in extreme circumstances.

Israel has the most powerful air force in the Middle East, and surely could reach Iran – but probably at great cost to her airmen, and with great risk to mission success.

The rest of the world is doing essentially nothing to defuse this situation.  China and Russia are blocking all attempts to use less-than-military pressure, and Europe isn't too excited about it, either – especially Germany and France, who are major trading partners with Iran.

What's a threatened Israel to do?

Develop a fleet of unmanned aircraft with the range to strike Iran and with the payload capacity to carry either bunker-busters or nukes.


ClimateGate: Roundup...

Lots more in the news:

Monckton v. Lambert on the Pinker tapes, at JoNova.

George Will's take: Blinded by Science.

Charlie Martin marvels at the U.S. press' ability to ignore the story.

L. Gordon Crovitz, writing at the Wall Street Journal on open science.

Willis Eschenbach on “adjusted” (read “manufactured”) temperature data in Anchorage.


If you love animals, and especially if you love dogs, you'll want to read the story of Jasmine.  Bring Kleenex.  No tragedies, I promise...


We've had just over an inch (27 mm) in the past three days – which means we're over 3 inches for the month, and nearly 10 inches for the year.

And there's more in the forecast.  Woo hoo!


I want one!  Passed along by reader Simon M.:

MikroKopter - HexaKopter from Holger Buss on Vimeo.

Taking Care of the Wounded Soldiers...

Medical evacuation by air.  Classic Yon detail, prose and photos.  Go read.