Sunday, June 25, 2017

Paradise ponders: visitor edition...

Paradise ponders: visitor edition...  Well, Aleck L. showed up as planned, late Friday afternoon.  He left this morning.  We had such an enjoyable visit, even though it was (much) shorter than we'd have liked!  Hopefully we'll live long enough for him to come visit us again.  :)  Unless we scared him...

We helped him with a long list of “firsts”: first times that he'd done something.  Those included:
  • Dinner at the Black Pearl
  • Drinking delicious Utah spring water
  • Driving a tractor
  • Riding an ATV
  • Visiting Hardware Ranch, Blacksmith Fork Canyon, and the road to Ant Flats
  • Walking in Cache Valley's fields
  • Seeing a week-old calf
  • Petting some goats
  • Learning that a horse's nose is velvety
  • Seeing how farmers irrigate their fields
  • Dinner at Maddox Ranch House
  • Attending a rodeo!  (the Hyrum Star-Spangled Banner rodeo)
For some reason I don't understand, he didn't want to get up at 5:30 am to help move irrigation pipes.  :)  We also had lots of great conversation, of course.  I have a couple photos: