Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tractor and Attachments for sale!

Tractor and Attachments for sale!  We are placing our gently-used Kubota B21 diesel tractor with all the trimmings up for sale.  It's not going to Utah with us.

The complete set originally cost me over $44,000 about ten years ago.  The first offer over $20,000 takes the whole thing immediately; otherwise the highest offer we receive before June 30 gets it.  American cash only, please, unless we already know you.  Note: we are not selling individual components from this set!

The main event is the Kubota B21 tractor – 21 horsepower (13.5 HP on the PTO) diesel “construction-grade” frame, hydraulic loader and backhoe, 4WD, standard 3 point hitch, high clearance, and integral ROPS.  It has just over 200 hours on it.  RitchieSpecs, 4.8/5.0 rating from TractorByNet.

The implements and accessories:
  • Mill Creek utility trailer with hydraulic dump
  • Gearmore 60" rotary mower (PTO)
  • Bearcat chipper/shredder (PTO)
  • Farmi winch intended for stump pulling and log skidding (PTO)
  • Log splitter, a real beast (hydraulic)
  • Small Gearmore cement mixer (PTO)
  • Gearmore subsoiler
  • Danuser auger post hole drill (PTO)
  • Gearmore 1-ton removable loader tines
  • Larger backhoe bucket
  • Various parts, accessories, and 3 point hitch components
  • Hydraulic tilt kit for 3 point hitch
  • Gearmore blade scraper

Io in true color...

Io in true color...  Jupiter's strange and sulfurous moon in all it's glory.  Via APOD, of course.  Full resolution image here...

IT's come to this...

IT's come to this...  You thought you only had to worry about security on your computer, tablet, and smart phone?  Wrong answer, vulnerability-breath!  You also have to worry about your car...

A sure sign of oppression...

A sure sign of oppression...  In the age of the Internet, one thing you can count on from every thug-run government: they're going to clamp down on free speech on the Internet.  I'm looking at you, Turkey!  Here's one of the ways they do it.

Duncan Lou Who goes to the beach...

Duncan Lou Who goes to the beach...  This boxer was born with deformed rear legs that had to be amputated.  The result isn't a crippled and handicapped dog – it's a dog that runs and plays like any other dog.  But he does it with just two legs.

It's astounding and inspiring; makes you want to stand up and yell for joy.  Debbie and I have been amazed many time at the adaptability of animals, including that of our sweet little kitty Maka Lea.  But Duncan Lou Who is a standout amongst them...

Software patents being revisited by the Supreme Court...

Software patents being revisited by the Supreme Court...  Arguments before the Supreme Court tomorrow in Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank.  The outcome could be anything from a yawner to industry-shaking.  More from SCOTUSblog, Fortune, Wikipedia...

Reversible aging?

Reversible aging?  Hurry, please...

U.S. and Russia: “resolving” Ukraine crisis?

U.S. and Russia: “resolving” Ukraine crisis?  This article's headline is US and Russia ‘Closer’ to Resolving Ukraine Crisis, and when you read the content you'll find that's a fair characterization.

What I find remarkable here is that the U.S. is the main party to the negotiations for a resolution.  The Ukrainians are almost an afterthought, and the European Union is basically excluded.  The superpowers (or superpower wannabes) are dividing up the world again.  This kind of meddling in another country's destiny always seems to lead, eventually, to war.

I just saw a tweet from Estonia's president Ilves expressing similar concerns.

Apparently it is impossible for politicians to learn from history...