Friday, September 18, 2015

Mountains on Pluto...

Mountains on Pluto...  Some of the latest in the ongoing dump from New Horizons.  Click to embiggen.  Via APOD, of course.  Full resolution version here.

Morning in Paradise...

Morning in Paradise...  We (Miki, Race, and I) took a walk this morning for the first time in a few days.  Between rain and early morning physical therapy for Debbie, we haven't had a lot of chances.  It was quite brisk (40°), and even with my light jacket and some marching I got a little chilled.  The morning was overcast just before sunrise, as you can see below:

This morning was a bit more exciting than that walk might suggest.  Debbie woke up around 3 am and saw that a red rash had developed on her left wrist (below the cat bite on her left thumb), and the wrist was still quite swollen.  After reading a bit about infections after cat bites, she decided that the prudent thing to do was to head back to the ER.  So into the truck we piled, and we checked her back in.  This time there was nothing exciting going on in the ER, and we saw the nurse within 5 minutes of arriving.  A few minutes later, the ER doctor showed up and almost immediately said the one thing we'd really not like to hear: “Interesting.”  Sheesh.  Turns out that the fact that her thumb and hand looked great while her wrist was obviously infected (even though it wasn't bitten) was weird, and therefore interesting.  The doc decided that Debbie needs at least one course of IV antibiotics (which they promptly gave her), a wrist brace, and a return visit bright and early tomorrow morning. 

It was only after we got home that the dogs and I went on a walk :)

How to write unmaintainable code...

How to write unmaintainable code...  This is just what the world needs: a set of instructions for how to write code that is impossible for someone else to modify or fix.  It would be hilarious if it didn't sound so much like code I've actually worked on!

One example:
Wherever scope rules permit, reuse existing unrelated variable names. Similarly, use the same temporary variable for two unrelated purposes (purporting to save stack slots). For a fiendish variant, morph the variable, for example, assign a value to a variable at the top of a very long method, and then somewhere in the middle, change the meaning of the variable in a subtle way, such as converting it from a 0-based coordinate to a 1-based coordinate. Be certain not to document this change in meaning.
That is just plain evil.  But I've seen code like that, and been burned by it.

Sometimes I wonder if the Internet is actually a good thing...

Aggiano cheese...

Aggiano cheese...  We picked up a half pound of this a couple days ago from the Aggie's Creamery, without knowing anything at all about it other than the description on their web site:
After a LONG awaited return, Aggie Creamery is proud to announce that we have our famous Aggiano cheese aged to perfection and ready to sell!  This parmigiano style cheese has been aging for over a year to give it a smooth, creamy texture with a  pineapple-y flavor.
Well, our cheese is now all gone – and we can see why they claim it's famous.  It's delicious!  When I bought this there were only a couple of packages in their refrigerator.  I hope they have some more in storage somewhere!