Monday, June 1, 2009

Septic Tank Shenanigans...

We just found out that existing law on the books in California mandates septic tank inspections (by state-approved inspectors) and upgrades to ambiguous standards when the inspection results aren't up to snuff. Worse, these inspections will be paid for by us; estimates run up to $650 not including the cost of opening, draining, and cleaning the septic tank. Required repairs and upgrades could run into the thousands of dollars. Note that this isn't a requirement to fix broken septic tanks – this is a requirement to periodically inspect each and every residential septic tank in the state.

Just what we need. More nanny statism, more expenses.

Assemblyman Joel Anderson (Republican from El Cajon) is coauthor of a bill that would repeal this absurd regulation. He needs our support. You can reach him in several ways:

phone: 916/319-2177
mail: State Capitol, Room 2130, Sacremento, CA 95184