Monday, November 28, 2016

Paradise ponders, winter wonderland edition...

Paradise ponders, winter wonderland edition...  Well, the snow finally hit.  Some snaps from around the yard are below.  We've got about 6" on the ground right now, and it's still falling with abandon.  I went out around 8 am and plowed, just so I would have less to plow later.  I'm glad I did, as the snow was wet, gloppy, and heavy – too much of that on the ground and my tractor can't push it around!  Debbie's got a physical therapy appointment early this afternoon, so I'll be out plowing again before too long.

Yesterday I did a little work on the deck electrical wiring, but it was just plain too cold and nasty to work for long.  I gave up and came inside, where I spent the day with Debbie, Jimmy, and Michelle eating, cooking, and playing games.  A nice day. :)