Thursday, June 9, 2011

Found in a Grocery Store Parking Lot...

Steak and lobster.  Lots of it.  Sounds absolutely wonderful.

Look what they're apparently having to drink with this food.  Farookin' Mountain Dew?  120 cans of the stuff?

But wait a minute!  My tax dollars are paying for someone else to eat this?

This is so wrong on so many levels.

I hear ads on the radio imploring people to sign up for food stamps.  The ads carefully explain that just because you have a job and are making money doesn't mean you can't qualify for food stamps.  They also explain that just because you pay income taxes doesn't mean you can't qualify, either. 

I wonder what does disqualify you?  I have a job.  I pay income taxes.  Can I get free lobster and steak, too?  But if drinking Mountain Dew is part of the deal, then count me out.

Seriously for a moment – how can we fix insanity like this?  I can only think of one way: throw all  the bums out of political office, and start over with a collection of randomly selected ordinary citizens.

That ain't gonna happen, I know.  But it's the only solution I can think of (short of an actual revolution) that stands a chance of working...

The Circle Game...

Reader Larry E. writes:
So a commission was put together to come up with a better way of teaching proper nutrition…. Cause the government is really good at that of course. So they spend a few million dollars and come up with the brilliant idea of using a … circle … yes a circle … cause it looks like a plate. In some of the articles I ran across they reminded us why government shouldn’t be doing this. The original food pyramid was modified after complaints from the cattle industry etc. that it made their products look bad. So nutrition by lobby…. Want to bet there was some of that this time too? Nice way of pulling in the belt there Mr. President…
If you know about the history of the federal government's nutrition recommendations, then you already know that there's very little science involved.  Take a healthy dollop of the current nutrition fads, add another health dollop of current financial pressures, and finally add the sheer idiocy that only politicians are qualified to bring ... and you'll have something like a “food pyramid” or our latest offering: at

As if that wasn't bad enough, can you believe the ugly background color they chose?

Q.  Is there anything the government couldn't screw up?
A.  No.