Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hey Girl, It's Joe Biden!

The Hey Girl, It's Paul Ryan site has gone viral since Ryan was named to the Romney/Ryan ticket.  It's chock-a-block full of images and comments like the one at right.  It's very clearly pro-Ryan.

Now there's a parody site called Hey Girl, It's Joe Biden.  It's full of images of Joe Biden like the one below, not quite so laudatory as the ones for Paul Ryan.  But funny.  Oh, so funny! 

It's going to be an interesting election year...

That's Our President!

Andrew Malcom, writing over at Investor's Business Daily, has a story that tells as a lot about Barack Hussein Obama: both on a personal level and on a political level:
As the president's big black armored bus began to waddle its way out of town along one of the leafy streets, a little girl was standing, up ahead. She'd set up a sidewalk lemonade stand, like thousands of kids across the heartland on hot summer days.

Many strangers, even non-parents, find it hard to drive by such genuinely small businesses without stopping to feign an immense thirst that can only be quenched by a 50-cent cup of tepid lemonade. And then, claiming a lack of change, they suggest the youngster just keep a dollar bill. It's the way American adults encourage enterprise and independence in the next generation--and feel good about it.

Presidents don't normally do genuinely spontaneous stops. They're important people, with a large entourage that knows important. Modern presidents' spontaneous stops are as spontaneous now as D-Day. They're carefully arranged, precisely-secured photo ops for ice cream or such, with adjacent streets closed and any other customers wanded by Secret Service in serious sunglasses.

Can you imagine the media coverage if a president of the United States, the most powerful man in the world, actually stopped his important, snaking motorcade on the spur of the moment to buy out a little girl's pitcher of homemade lemonade? And perhaps demonstrate that one government official at least cares about helping a small business. Think that touching scene might make the news? Over and over and over?

Mitt Romney did just that during last fall's New Hampshire primary campaign. And you should have seen the TV crews falling over each other for the shot.

As Obama's huge ominous vehicle neared the little girl's lemonade stand in Marshalltown, she fell to her knees. Perhaps in awe. More likely pleading.

But the president's big black bus rolled right on by.

He waved through the tinted windows.
Yup. That's our President...

Word of the Day...

Yup, also via my mom – a new one on me:

Good Advice...

Via my mom, who is definitely my blog source of the day:

Tell Me More...

Amongst a collection of posters on the recent Chick-fil-A brouhaha that my mom sent me was this gem:

And the Winners Are...

National Geographic's 2012 photography contest winners are posted.  My favorite is at right...