Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It's still snowing in Paradise...

It's still snowing in Paradise ... and it gives every indication of doing so all night and all day tomorrow.  We've got about eight inches on the ground right now, wet, gloppy, heavy stuff.  The temperature is well above freezing, so the snow is half-melted before it even hits the ground.  I'm guessing it's all gone by the end of the day on Thursday...

Heard on NPR this morning...

Heard on NPR this morning...  I got in my truck this morning to drive home from Home Depot.  When I flipped on the radio, there was a program in progress.  Starting with the first bits I heard, this dialog between an NPR on-the-street reporter (NPR) and a young woman (YW) he approached cold (transcript is from memory, but if it's not perfect it's very close):
NPR: I'm here to see what people on the street think of Bernie Sanders.
YW: Ok.
NPR: What do you think is the first, most important issue that Bernie should tackle?
YW: Auto-correct.  He should fix auto-correct on smart phones.
NPR: (giggling) Yeah, I'd like that fixed, too.  But seriously, what would you want Bernie to do?
YW: I was serious.  I can't think of anything more important than that!
NPR: (still giggling) Well, what about, say, terrorism?
YW: (peeved) What, don't you think terrorists have problems with auto-correct?
NPR: (speechless for a moment, then walking away) I'm so ashamed right now.
The. Doom. Approaches.