Sunday, January 17, 2016

Paradise ponders...

Paradise ponders...  We had a nice, slow day yesterday.  That's just what both Debbie and I needed, as we're both on the tail ends of a nasty sort of cold.  We're down to residual sniffles, the occasional hacking cough, and a bit of puniness; otherwise we're doing just fine.  It will feel great when this is gone!

We took a drive up to Hardware Ranch yesterday, despite this being “elk ride” season.  The elk are in enclosed pastures for the winter, and are as tame as cows.  The Hardware Ranch staff gives rides on rubber-wheeled wagons pulled by horses, right through the herd.  As you might imagine, there are unbelievable quantities of kids there.  Anyway, we were too early to see many deer (though we did see a few) – but there was plenty of beautiful winter scenery to see through the ongoing snowstorm.

Debbie made a new dish yesterday afternoon – a sort of Mexican lasagna.  Though it was a bit spicier than I prefer, it was very tasty.  The predominant flavors were chicken, chilies, cheese, and Mexican sour cream.  There were lasagna noodles, of course.  Overall it had the texture and flavor you'd expect from a great comfort food.  Next time she makes it, she's going to see if there's a way to tone down that spiciness.

We're looking forward to another easy, relaxing day today.  We got about three more inches of snow last night, which means there is now about 8" on the driveway.  I briefly considered plowing today, but talked myself out of it considering that there are four more inches in the forecast for Monday and Tuesday :)