Thursday, August 18, 2016

Childhood pets...

Childhood pets...  The first pet we had was a boxer named Synda (which I always thought was spelled “Cinda” until I saw my mom's notations on the photos).  I loved that dog; I have many fond memories of playing with him, and especially of feeling safe when he was around.  The first three photos include Synda, and they were all taken in 1955.  The dog in the last photo below is Lady, a female mutt who had six puppies one Christmas Eve (I think around 1960 or 1961).

The people in the first photo (left-to-right) are my brother Scott, my sister Holly (not even a year old!), and me.  In the second photo is my dad, and in the third photo me.

The second photo was taken in our kitchen in the home my mom and dad built, and the home where I have the most memories.  I remember that funky, rubbery tile floor, the beautiful knotty pine cabinets, and the ugly Formica behind the sink.  I don't remember that old Westinghouse refrigerator (I remember a Sears refrigerator in a different place in the kitchen).  Over the sink is that giant can opener; I don't remember that, either.  I do remember the naked fluorescent bulb that my mom hated, and the paper towel dispenser...

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