Friday, October 26, 2007

Reader Reports...

From sawdave:
Hi Anon, thanks for the up to the minute update!

Breeze here by Catholic church is onshore, not quite steady at estimated 5-10 mph.

It was reported to me that Dorthy from twisted scissors salon in Jamul, who lives in Dulzura, lost her home. I think it was in the area east of Romo and before you drop down into the valley where barret is.

If any news is available on what parts of deerhorn and honey springs burned it would be appreciated.

i heard rumors from the jamul drive checkpoint on Wednesday, but dont watn to pass tehm on until source is more reliable.

Thanks again Silly!
From Linda I:
Diane and Paul Jacob currently live in Steele Canyon Golf course estates.
Please note that the list circulating is not 100% accurate. It listed our brother-in-laws parents house in Deerhorn Valley as destroyed and actually just two outbuildings burned. (Doublechecked this afternoon)
From an anonymous commenter:
Thank you for all your updates, now that the fire is out by the star's homes in Malibu, the rest of the fires don't exist anymore. Does anyone know if the fire crossed Lyons Valley Road just east of Four Corners? My mother-in-law lives there and we have not been able to get any solid information.
Thank you, one and all...


  1. Do we know if they're going to open up Lyons Valley Rd by Skyline Truck Trail and Jamul Highlands Area?? Some of our family made it in this morning, but then they closed the road again and now several families are split up. If anyone had any info please let us know.

    Thanks!! CLW

  2. If anyone gets info of the road opening up at Lyons Valley and Skyline Trk Trail please let us know. Several families got split up when they re-shut the road today.