Friday, October 26, 2007

Harris Fire Update...

Here's the latest MODIS satellite thermal imagery; just came through in the past few minutes. The only hotspot left on the Harris Fire is the one threatening our home. The red splotches are the actively burning areas detected on the current pass. If there were orange splotches, they'd indicate spots that were burning within the past 24 hours, but not on this pass. The black spots are spots that were burning more than 24 hours ago, and the grey were burning more than 48 hours ago.

The area where I suspect the current flareup originated is just north (up) from the center of the row of four red splotches forming the northern flank of the fire in this data. Or home is just on the other side of the ridge that's north of the current fire location. You can imagine why we've been losing a lot of sleep this week, can't you?

If you'd like more information about where I obtain this data (and other information), check out the “Wildfire Information” link in the sidebar at right, just below the Day-by-Day cartoon. That will take you to a post I dedicated to exactly this topic…

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  1. Thank you for all your updates, now that the fire is out by the star's homes in Malibu, the rest of the fires don't exist anymore. Does anyone know if the fire crossed Lyons Valley Road just east of Four Corners? My mother-in-law lives there and we have not been able to get any solid information.