Friday, October 26, 2007

Reader Report...

From (presumably) a fellow evacuee, staying at Steele Canyon:
I'm still at Steele Canyon. News that you may already know. I just talked to a fireman. There are currently 50 engines out there, and lots of air power. They are using the massive plane from Canada that fills up at Lake Elsinore. The firemen set a back fire today and that is what has caused most of the smoke. I asked if they were able to maintain the line they drew (Four Corners, Lyons Valley area) and the reply was that they are trying their best.

There is a list distributed here daily of address of houses destroyed or damaged. It is not complete, and covers the whole county, but it was 9 pages of small print this morning, and there will be a new list tomorrow as they assess. There is also a map posted of what areas have burned so far. The briefings are at 10 am and 8 pm. We have direct access to Diane Jacobs daily and to the head fire people as well. They take as much time as needed to answer all the questions.
Thank you so much for this report. My readers and I would appreciate further reports from these briefings, or any other sources of solid information... I believe Diane Jacobs and her husband live in Deerhorn Valley – does anyone know if her home is ok?


  1. Diane and Paul Jacob currently live in Steele Canyon Golf course estates.
    Please note that the list circulating is not 100% accurate. It listed our brother-in-laws parents house in Deerhorn Valley as destroyed and actually just two outbuildings burned. (Doublechecked this afternoon)

  2. 211 tells me that "West Jamul" is open. I came home to my house on Pleasant View LN OK, which is between St Pius and the Primary School. After that my folks came home to all the way to Lawson Valley. When my wife tried to come home, she got turned around at the corner of Jamul DR and Lyons Valley RD. The road block seems to keep moving around and occasionally disappears.

    Most frustrating for my wife, who had three cats and a canary with her. You could walk to our house from where she got turned around if there were no animals to carry.

    Any information on what is going on currently would be appreciated. I called the Highway Patrol since they were manning the checkpoints and I basically got a bunch of useless smart ass answers.