Sunday, August 21, 2016

More memories...

More memories ... from my mom's photo collection...

This fellow is Jimmy Cole, from another family we made friends with while camping.  Jimmy and his parents lived in Oakland, Maine – and I believe we met them while camping in Maine somewhere (maybe the Katahdin area?).  We visited their home a few times, and I remember going on Jimmy's paper route with him – quite a novelty for this farm kid! :)  This photo is undated, and it was taken in our home's living room.  I don't remember them visiting us, but obviously they did!  It's a mystery to me why Jimmy has a paper headdress on, and is holding a stuffed animal with another one.  I remember thinking that his parents were old – I'm not sure whether that's actually true.  I know my parents heard from Jimmy once in a while, and that he'd gotten in trouble with the law a few times.  Don't know anything else.

This photo is dated by the lab as February 1961, when I'd have been 8 years old.  That's me in the foreground, and I think that's my cousin Jonathan in the background.  I've no idea where the photo was taken – nothing in it looks familiar at all.  There are no notes on the photo.  Maybe my siblings will recognize it.

I didn't have any idea who these people were until I saw my mom's note on the back: “Picnic Jimmy Gurlick on right man who built our house kitchen and bathroom cabinets”.  The lab dated the photo as June 1955.  I believe that's me sitting next to the dark-haired girl (whom I don't recognize), and Scott in the high chair (which I remember).  It looks like we're in our yard, on the northwest corner of our house.  I don't remember that picnic table at all, but it looks like the sort of thing my dad might have built, farmer-style.  Jimmy did a beautiful job on our house and cabinets.

This photo is undated and unlabeled.  My brother Scott (at right) and I (in the inner tube) are swimming in a place I don't recognize at all.  It looks like a sand beach with scrub pines in the background, so I'm going to take a wild guess and say it's Oswego Lake in the New Jersey pine barrens.  I'll guess (from our ages) that the date is summer of 1955 or 1956.

And finally a small collection of Overs.  The first photo is dated (by the lab) as August 1952, the month before I was born.  In my mom's handwriting, the people are identified as Dannie and Joyce Over, cousins of mine, the children of my mom's sister Betty and her husband bill.  The second photo isn't dated, but in my mom's handwriting: “Mike Over Betty’s son”.  I don't have any specific memories of any of these Overs...

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