Saturday, March 19, 2016

A project finished...

A project finished...  Well, one phase of it, anyway.  Way back in December, just before I drove back to Virginia to move my brother Scott out here, I was working on an electronic clock kit.  I'd actually finished the assembly of it, but I still had a bug of some sort.

Well, this afternoon I spread the kit, its manual, my 'scope, multimeter, and soldering iron out on the kitchen table and went to work.  An hour later, I had it all working, after fixing two more issues.  First issue was a broken circuit board trace (for a total of three in the kit).  The second (and last!) issue was all my own fault: a cold solder joint.  But now it's all running!

Next step on this project: a nice wooden case of some kind.  I'll have to ponder exactly what I want that to look like...

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