Saturday, September 5, 2015

“Why A Woman Can’t Be More Like A Man.”

“Why A Woman Can’t Be More Like A Man.”  That's the headline on Megan McArdle's piece about recent research that adds to the body of scientific evidence showing structural and functional differences between the brains of men and women.  It's an entirely typical McArdle piece: insightful, illuminating, and funny.  Her conclusion:
So if we find out that women's brains really are different from men's, in ways that are driven not by the environment in which they are raised but the hormones suffusing their brain, we're going to need to start by rethinking the ways that we identify sexism in the first place -- and then start thinking about what sort of remedies might be appropriate. This is going to be an even longer, messier negotiation than the one we're having now.

Especially if science tells us that women are just better at understanding complicated stuff like science. Men, the benighted darlings, will just have to trust us.
Megan McArdle is a national treasure. Her existence gives me hope for the future of this country...

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