Saturday, September 5, 2015

Just got back home...

Just got back home ... from our outing to Maddox Drive-In.  That was quite an experience, and I mean that entirely in a good way.  It's very reminiscent of the way drive-ins used to be, about 50 years ago.  You drive into a parking space that's under an awning, to protect you from sun and rain.  A few seconds after we parked, a young lady came out to see what we wanted.  I ordered a cheeseburger with (homemade!) root beer, and Debbie ordered a “half basket” of chicken (three pieces of fried chicken, with fries, gravy, and a roll) and some iced tea.  We paid with a credit card – a modern enhancement :)  A few minutes later our meal arrived (on a window-mounted tray), and every last bit of it was delicious.  My cheeseburger was a thick patty of excellent beef, a molten slice of cheddar on top, a perfectly grilled bun, and all the right trimmings.  The fries were outstanding.  Debbie's chicken, she reports, was delicious, and she ate all of it.

After we finished, Debbie spotted one of the servers walking by with a gigantic chocolate ice cream cone.  Neither of us had much room left, so Debbie ordered some chocolate ice cream in a dish, and we figured we'd split it.  Well, our server came back with close to a quart of ice cream.  We decided we'd eat it on the way home, with Debbie feeding me spoonfuls at a time.  I thought we'd be throwing away most of it.  Oh, no, we weren't – because after we tasted the first spoonful we both decided that this ambrosia wasn't going to go to waste.  As I write this my belly is distended from eating large quantities of chocolate ice cream on top of a big meal.  I still can't believe just how good that stuff was!  Right to the last bite we were both eagerly slurping it down.  They make the ice cream at Maddox, and it tastes like it.

The bill for that entire meal, including the ice cream and a generous tip for our server, was less than $22.  By today's standards, that's one heck of a deal.  We'll be back to Maddox Drive-In, for sure!

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