Saturday, September 5, 2015

Morning in Paradise...

Morning in Paradise ... usually means a morning walkie with Race and Miki, and it did this morning, too.  Lots and lots of hawks about, all still hunting the voles exposed a few weeks ago when the barley was cut.  I think the vole population is now down to about 10% of its peak level, and now there are ever more predators focused on ever fewer prey.  Things are not looking good for the voles, much to the delight of all the farmers around.

A couple photos from our walk (sunflower and alfalfa in bloom, respectively):

After we got back home, I placed my tripod sprinklers in a new location for the day.  Since I've equipped all my hoses with quick-connect fasteners, this job has gotten much less tedious – no unscrewing and screwing of hose connectors required!  Also, the new tripods I bought a few weeks ago are working just great – they're sturdy, stable, and put the sprinkler up high where it can cover more ground. 

I made myself a nice light breakfast with a variant of my garbanzo bean salad.  This time I used a can of garbanzos, a tomato, about half a bottled roasted red pepper, two dill pickles, and a couple teaspoons of Duke's mayonnaise.  Yum!

Debbie and I are going to try a new place to eat for lunch: Maddox Drive-In, in Perry (just south of Brigham City).  This is run by the same people who run Maddox Ranch House, where we've had a couple of fine beef meals.  Today I'm going to have me a cheeseburger and some homemade root beer!

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