Friday, September 25, 2015

Good food is really hard to beet!

Good food is really hard to beet!  Our neighbor Tim D. came over a couple days ago with a bag full of fresh vegetables from his garden.  Among those vegetables were a nice bunch of beets.  Debbie doesn't really like beets, but I love them, so these were all mine.  This afternoon I cleaned them up, plopped them in a saucepan, and boiled them until they were nicely done.  For the last 10 minutes or so, I threw in a couple nice sausages.  After draining them, I roughly cut up the beets, threw some lovely butter at them, and chowed down.  What a great lunch!

Next up: a zip-lock bag full of fresh corn, cut off the ear.  This was delivered to us yesterday by a gaggle of four little girls (ages about 6 through 10), the daughters of our neighbor Nikki L. and her sister, who brought the corn over and then demanded to see all our animals :)  Debbie was happy to accommodate them, and while I was busy digging holes they were down in our cattery playing with the seven cats down there...

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