Sunday, August 12, 2012

Curiosity: More Photos!

What with the “brain transplant” going on, I didn't expect more photos to be forthcoming, but there was a whole batch of them yesterday.  Some of them have been stitched together in a high-resolution panorama (at right, click to enlarge), which is fun to browse.  This is still, obviously, an incomplete view of the floor of Gale Crater around Curiosity.  I'm especially looking forward to the first high-resolution composites of Mt. Sharp.

Also in today's “Curiosity mail” is the photo at left.  This one is showing a high-resolution view of an area scoured by the sky crane's rocket exhaust.  It's been “white-balanced”, which means the colors are not what the camera actually captured, but rather what they'd be if the scene was illuminated by pure white light.  By white-balancing the image, the scientists can see the rocks the way they would look if they were on Earth.  This makes it much easier for them to make identifications and comparisons.

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