Friday, August 11, 2017


Puppies!  We just got back from visiting the breeder, and now A. J. has a new puppy.  Photos below; short video of A. J. with the puppies at right.  That was fun!  A. J. chose one of the little girls with black, brown, and white markings.  She doesn't have a name yet (though I'm sure that will be forthcoming soon). On the way home we stopped at Tractor Supply Company and picked up the puppy essentials: food, water, bowls, treats, and toys.  Lots of toys!  Right after the little pupper got to A. J.'s house, she ran right up and down their front steps – no stairs learning curve at all.  We suspect this bodes very well for the little girl's doggie IQ.  Meanwhile, we have a very happy camper with A. J.  He's been wanting a puppy very badly, one that he can train for agility (with a little help from Auntie Debbie!).  One thing I don't believe we have to worry about: this little girl will not be starved for attention!  :)

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